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Monday, January 02, 2012

Mayflower Descendants

The descendants of Benjamin Kingman Curtis and Sarah Lavantia Card have the potential to qualify for membership in the Mayflower Society. The lineage that potentially qualifies is:

  1. John Billington, Mayflower passenger
  2. Francis Billington, son of John Billington
  3. Mary Billington, daughter of Francis Billington, and wife of Samuel Sabin.
  4. Israel Sabin, son of Samuel Sabin and Mary Billington. Israel married Mary Ormsby.
  5. Josiah Sabin, son of Israel Sabin and Mary Ormsby. Josiah married Mary Gay.
  6. Israel Sabin, son of Josiah Sabin and Mary Gay. Israel married Avis Bennett.
  7. Josiah Sabin, son of Israel Sabin and Avis Bennett. Josiah married Lydia Cady.
  8. Sarah Ann Sabin, daughter of Josiah Sabin and Lydia Cady. Sarah married William Fuller Card.
  9. Sarah Lavantia Card, daughter of William Fuller Card and Sarah Ann Sabin. Sarah married Benjamin Kingman Curtis.
  10. Benjamin Kingman Curtis and Sarah Lavantia Card had ten children. Nine lived to adulthood and married. The eight children who have possible living descendants that could apply for membership in the Mayflower Society include: 
  • Cyrus Jerome Curtis
  • Friend Charles Curtis
  • Sarah Ellenor Curtis
  • Oscar Benjamin Curtis
  • George Leslie Curtis
  • William Rushmer Curtis
  • Mary Lavantia Curtis
  • DeWilton Emory Curtis

Monday, November 03, 2008

James Conroy Hobbs

The second photograph in the antique Curtis family album was of James Conroy Hobbs. James married Mary Lavantia Curtis, daughter of Benjamin Kingman Curtis and Sarah Lavantia Card. The photographer was Newcomb, 162 S. Main St., Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mary Lavantia Curtis

The 17th picture in the Curtis family antique photograph album was the original owner of the album. Mary Lavantia Curtis. Mary was the daughter of Benjamin Kingman Curtis and Sarah Lavantia Card. The Cabinet Card did not have a photographer's imprint, so the name of the photographer or the location where the photo was taken is unknown.

Mary Lavantia Curtis

Mary Lavantia Curtis, original owner of the Antique Photograph Album, image #30. This was the last Cabinet Card in the album. The photographer was A. Lang in Logan, Utah. The picture was heavily stained. The only thing written on the album page or the album was "Mama at 21 years." Mary's descendants, and owners of the album today, identified her. The remaining pages held four pictures per page.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mary Lavantia Curtis

Known by many as Minnie Hobbs, her full name was Mary Lavantia Curtis Hobbs. She was the daughter of Benjamin Kingman Curtis and Sarah Lavantia Card.

Mary was born 1 February 1871 at Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Michigan. She married James Conroy Hobbs on 5 May 1893 in Logan, Cache Co., Utah. Mary and James had five children, three girls and two boys:

1. Phyllis Lovantia Hobbs (1895-1980)
2. Iris Ann Hobbs (1896-1952)
3. Ilah Rose Hobbs (1897-1959)
4. Horace James Hobbs (1898-1899)
5. Noble Curtis Hobbs (1901-19124)

Mary died 27 January 1958 in Ramona, San Diego Co., California and was buried 1 February 1958 at the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California.

Does anyone have a picture of her headstone that we could add to this blog?

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Letter stating Benjamin's full name

Mary Hobbs, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Curtis wrote a letter to the National Archives in 1938. She wanted to find out if her father's Civil War military records contained information about the names of her grandparents. Today, we might assume that everyone knows who their grandparents are, but such is not the case. I feel very blessed to have spent lots of time with my grandparents when I was a child. I knew them. I knew their names, where they lived, and I know where they are buried. I can't imagine what it would be like to not know anything about my grandparents. In this letter that Mary wrote, we have the only record known to exist that is at least partially official that states Benjamin's full name. Some descendants have questioned his middle name, thinking the wrong name had been recorded in our family records. I am glad that I found this letter, because if anyone would have known what was Benjamin's full name, it would have been his wife or his children. Thank you Mary for writing this letter to ask if the military service records had record of the parent's names for "Benjamin Kingman Curtis," your father.
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