Monday, January 02, 2012

Mayflower Descendants

The descendants of Benjamin Kingman Curtis and Sarah Lavantia Card have the potential to qualify for membership in the Mayflower Society. The lineage that potentially qualifies is:

  1. John Billington, Mayflower passenger
  2. Francis Billington, son of John Billington
  3. Mary Billington, daughter of Francis Billington, and wife of Samuel Sabin.
  4. Israel Sabin, son of Samuel Sabin and Mary Billington. Israel married Mary Ormsby.
  5. Josiah Sabin, son of Israel Sabin and Mary Ormsby. Josiah married Mary Gay.
  6. Israel Sabin, son of Josiah Sabin and Mary Gay. Israel married Avis Bennett.
  7. Josiah Sabin, son of Israel Sabin and Avis Bennett. Josiah married Lydia Cady.
  8. Sarah Ann Sabin, daughter of Josiah Sabin and Lydia Cady. Sarah married William Fuller Card.
  9. Sarah Lavantia Card, daughter of William Fuller Card and Sarah Ann Sabin. Sarah married Benjamin Kingman Curtis.
  10. Benjamin Kingman Curtis and Sarah Lavantia Card had ten children. Nine lived to adulthood and married. The eight children who have possible living descendants that could apply for membership in the Mayflower Society include: 
  • Cyrus Jerome Curtis
  • Friend Charles Curtis
  • Sarah Ellenor Curtis
  • Oscar Benjamin Curtis
  • George Leslie Curtis
  • William Rushmer Curtis
  • Mary Lavantia Curtis
  • DeWilton Emory Curtis

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