Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Online Curtis family reunion

Let's have an online reunion for the descendants of Benjamin and Sarah Curtis! They had 10 children who were born between 1852 and 1873. One child died young and another did not have any children. That leaves 8 children with possible descendants. Which one of the 8 children do you descend from?
  1. Cyrus Jerome Curtis (1852-1922)
  2. Friend Charles Curtis (1853-1921)
  3. Sarah Ellenor Curtis (1856-1933)
  4. Oscar Benjamin Curtis (1858-1921)
  5. Cora Belle Curtis married but did not have any children
  6. George Leslie Curtis (1863-1931)
  7. William Rushmer Curtis (1866-1938)
  8. John J. Curtis died young
  9. Mary Lavantia Curtis (1871-1958)
  10. DeWilton Emory Curtis (1873-1952)
Spread the word about the online reunion. We can plan a date and time, but first let's find as many descendants as we can by commenting on this post to the blog.
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