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St. Joseph County, Michigan Curtis Marriage Records

Record of Marriages, 1832-1925, for St. Joseph County, Michigan. Recorded by the County Clerk. Are on microfilm at the Family History Library. I searched the groom index for 1832-1886 on film 1295527, items 2-3 and found several Curtis marriages. Unfortunately, nothing was recorded for Benjamin Curtis and Sarah Card. The marriages recorded in volumes A, B, and C are closer to the time period that Benjamin and Sarah were living in St. Joseph county. If any of the following marriages are related to our Curtis family, it is unknown at this time:
  • Amaiah Curtis & Mary A. J. Buch; vol B, p 50
  • Henry V. Curtis & Elma Comstock; vol E, p 121
  • Henry R. Curtis & Jessie F. Oakes; vol E, p 321
  • Levi H. Curtis & Diantha Beaterson; vol D, p 146 (26 April 1866)
  • Lyman Curtis & Adaline Hill; vol E, p 34
  • Lester Curtis & R. A. Myers; vol E, p 35
  • Marcus Curtis & Patty M. Runyon; vol E, p 40
  • Philander Curtis & Catherine Neilson; vol A, p 269 
  • Northrup Curtis & Helen Schellhous; vol B, p 106 (10 December 1850; note that this is about the same time period that Benjamin and Sarah were married. Therefore, I would expect to see a record of marriage recorded close to this record. Unfortunately, nothing was found.)
  • Orange D. Curtis & Mary Ann Jones; vol C, p 85 (8 March 1855)
  • Nelson Curtis & Julia A. Brown; vol C, p 464 (25 June 1864)
  • Wilham Curtis & Catherine Paine; vol A, p 173
  • Wilson J. Curtis & Mary F. Bailey; vol E, p 163
The St. Joseph County birth, death, marriage records. Department of Education, Michigan State Library (FHL film 927440, item 5) listed the following marriages (note that some are duplicates of those listed in the record above):
  • Northrup Curtis of Colon, married Hellen Schellhous, 10 December 1850
  • Amariah Curtis of York, Elkhart Co., Indiana, married Mary A. J. Beach, 8 Oct 1848
  • Philander Curtis of White Pigeon, married Catharine Malison, 2 March 1845
  • William A. Curtis, 22 Batavia, Branch Co., married Catharine Baine, 12 June 1841


Erica said...

Hi, my great great grandmother was Minnie Bell(e) Curtis.

I think she died in Utah, and had been married twice. The first to a Garth Helgesen and the second to a ___ Denny. Two of her children with Mr. Denny are still surviving: Donna Belle & Harriette.
My Great Grandma was from her first marriage: Althea Helgesen - born 1908 died about 1983??
If this is the same minnie belle I would be interested in knowing more of her history (family members) thanks a million
Erica Stepro

Fran said...

Erica, are you still interested in gathering more info about your Curtis ancestors? I sent an email to you, but I don't remember a reply. We'd love to incorporate more details about your side of the family into the Curtis records.

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